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Why Patients Choose Us


Relief from your dental issue and from the anxiety that often accompanies dental problems is at the heart of Robertsdale Dental Care.


Robertsdale Dental Care understands your issue, including the emotions that can surround dental health. We are a staff that longs to offer kindness and comfort to fellow humans. Regardless of what makes you "you," we welcome you.


We are grateful that you are considering us as your dental health provider, or are already part of our family. We look forward to getting to show you kindness with each moment you are with us.

Experienced Staff

Our dental assistant staff and hygienists have an average of 15 years of experience. Including the doctors, we have a combined 236 years of dental health practice.


We recognize and know that many patients experience dental anxiety. We're here to help. We do everything we can to make sure your experience is enjoyable, including multiple sedation options and communicating what to expect.


We practice general dentistry and advanced dental procedures. From dental exams to dental implants, we make it convenient so you don't have to make multiple visits to different dental health providers.

Advanced and General Dentistry

Improving Overall Health Through Advanced Dentistry

We're trained in advanced and foundational dentistry that helps to improve your overall health–not just your teeth.

When you choose Robertsdale Dental Care, you are choosing the convenience of both advanced and general family dentistry in one office. One place to schedule for advanced modern treatments like implants, dentures, or TMJ issues, and also your cleanings, regular dental exams and more. All in one calm and caring place. We're here to help.

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Positive Experience

You Will Notice The Difference

Our patients love the individual attention and care they receive at Robertsdale Dental Care, and we are confident you will too.